Addressing the Backwaaaagh!


A while back I said I was going to finish my ork army!  I went on a quest cleaning, assembling, converting and priming every last possible model or potential conversion I could make for my Ork army, and I actually accomplished that task.

...But I never got around to painting.  My desire to actually play 40k meant that I did a bit of a sidebar to assemble a small Space Marine force for guests who aren't quite prepared to bring their own forces to play at my house.  Well, I got *that* built too, but I still haven't played yet.  After getting approximately 1350 out of the planned 2000 points of Space Marines built.  I decided that I wouldn't continue with them until I actually got a few games in against them with my planned opponents.

So, what to work on next?  After trying to decide between painting my orks, working on Thousand Sons, Death Guard or my Tyranids.  I decided I'd take another crack at finishing my Orks.

Here's what I've done so far:

  1. 2 shoota boyz that had had (poorly) converted big shootaz removed and replaced with regular shootaz
  2. 2 boyz armed with actual big shootaz

  3. One of my 3 warbosses who had been given a newer, larger axe (an old Ogryn conversion who has been leading the charge since the early days of 3rd edition).

  4. A brand new Nob to replace the somewhat unconvincing (and small) Cybork that was previously leading my Shoota Boyz.

  5. A Nob bearing a Waaagh! Banner.  This is the old Nazdreg model with some modifications, mainly a banner I built out of some spare parts and a steel nail.

Yay!  Seven models so far.  Trying not to get disheartened, but here's what's left.  Keep in mind they're all assembled (or as assembled as I'm willing before painting) and primed.

  1. 4 deffkoptaz
  2. 3 Killa Kanz
  3. 1 Warboss
  4. An Attack Squig for the last of 3 warbosses
  5. 3 more Stormboyz
  6. 8 Kommandoz and 1 Kommando Nob
  7. 1 Scratch Built Trukk
  8. 1 Painboy
  9. 10 Gretchin
  10. 1 Runtherd
  11. 5 Mek Gun Gretchin
  12. 1 Kustom Mega Blasta Mek Gun
  13. 1 Nob with Waaaagh! Banner (mostly painted, just need to paint new banner arm)
  14. 4 Meganobz
  15. 1 Big Mek in Mega Armor with Kustom Forcefield
  16. 1 Big Mek on bike with Kustom Forcefield
  17. 4 Burna Boyz
  18. 3 Nobz not affiliated with any squad but give me options to run smaller units of boyz
I'm pretty sure "that's it".  Seems like a lot, at least at the speed that I paint.  That's 54 models, but if we're going purely by numbers, I did 6 already...that's 10%!  Hooray for...double digits?  Some of the larger models will take me a while, but there are quite a few small models that will go pretty quickly too.

I'm thinking that part of my strategy will have to included periodically doing one of the deffkoptaz or kanz or the trukk to break things up.  It will be too intimidating if I leave all of the large things for last.

How do you break up your work?

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