Nurgle Daemon Prince

 A Nurgle Daemon Prince After A Long Absence

Hopefully I'll start updating this again more regularly.

Don't have a ton to say, just that it's 2020 - a frustrating and exhausting year for everyone so far.  During quarantine, I've managed to paint 22 models, which I'll hopefully gather photography for to share in posts soon.

In the meantime, here is a Daemon Prince of Nurgle I've finished.  It is set to lead the Death Guard army I've vowed to finish a Battalion for before the 9th edition of Warhammer 40k arrives.  I have 5 plague marines and 1 HQ (TBD) on my painting desk left to meet this goal.

This daemon prince utilizes:
  1. The Age of Sigmar Khorgorath model as a base
  2. The mouth of a goblin
  3. A nurgling from a Death Guard kit
  4. An Imperial Guard Ogryn head
  5. Claws from the Space Wolves "Murderfang"
  6. Wings from an AoS Vargheist
  7. Some maggots from a Death Guard kit
  8. An icon from a chaos space marines kit
  9. A decent amount of sculpting to fill in gaps/making the original model less "Khorne-y"

Painting this up went really slow as I experimented with new inks and washes I hadn't used yet, as well as new colors I had purchased but never cracked open.  My motivation to paint died off for a while.  I used to want to paint entire models in one sitting and I simply cannot do that anymore, so a change of mindset was required.  For a larger model like this, I used to take multiple sittings but would typically block out entire stages at once.  This went a lot slower and gradually than that.

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